Scanning Requests

All readers (including non-borrowing ICS members) may request scans of material to be sent to them by email.

All scans are subject to copyright regulations: we can scan at most one whole chapter of a book, or material amounting to 10% of the overall page count of the book. 

To request a scan, please email the details of the material to be scanned to, along with a completed copyright form.

The cost of scanning is £0.05 per black and white page or colour page. These charges will be added to your account and can be settled as above.

Non-members may request scans at a charge of £5, in addition to the cost of the scan itself.



Readers may also make scans of material themselves using the library scanner, located next to the Papyrology section. You will need to bring your own USB stick onto which you can download the scan, and to purchase a scanning card and credit from the library desk. Cards cost £2, with scans costing £0.05 (B&W) / £0.10 (Colour) as above. 

Scanning: A Quick Guide (a printed copy of this can be found beside the scanner)

1)    Insert scanning card into the Cartadis reader (dolphin face first). Ensure you have sufficient credit to cover all of your scanning before you begin, as otherwise all scans will be deleted.

2)    Insert USB stick into the USB port at the front of the scanner.

3)    Select type of document & colour. System default is ‘colour’. Change to ‘binary’ for documents, ‘grayscale’ for black-and-white images or ‘colour’ for colour images.

4)    Scan using the foot pedal / physical button on the scanner / button on left of screen.

OPTIONAL STEP: When the scan appears on screen, you can crop it by touching the button to the left of the screen with red and green rectangles, then selecting from the options to the right hand side of the screen. The area inside the red / red and green rectangles will be the final image. Touch the X once you are finished cropping.

5)    The images you have created will appear on the right hand side of the screen. To delete any of them, touch the dustbin icon next to the image you wish to delete. If the dustbin is not there, touch the settings button (the cogs) above these images to bring it back.
6)    When you have finished scanning, touch the ‘Transfer’ button on the top right side of the screen, then select USB. This will save the scan to your USB stick.

7)    Click ‘Exit’ or ‘New’ as desired. When finished scanning, remove USB and press the arrow on the Cartadis machine to return your scanning card to you.


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