Postal Loans

Postal loans are available to UK-based readers with borrowing rights (members of the Roman and/or Hellenic Societies).

If you wish to borrow books as postal loans, please send the details of the books by email to, and we will send them out to you by first class post as soon as possible (generally on the same day as we receive the request). 

Members of either the Hellenic or Roman Society may borrow up to 5 volumes at any one time, while members of both Societies may borrow 10 volumes.

We will add the cost of postage as a charge to your account, and will ensure that the books are combined in packages so as to minimise the cost. Most postal loan packages will count as a Royal Mail 'small parcel', costing £4.30 for packages weighing up to 2kg to be sent first class or £3.50 second class. Thinner books may be able to be sent as 'large letters', which cost £2.80 up to 500g and £3.15 up to 750g, while larger packages cost £7.80 up to 10kg

Once you have finished with the books, you can return them to us in person at the library desk or place then in our blue returns box on the 3rd floor by the library entrance or send them back by post. 

The charges on your account can be paid by cash, cheque, bank transfer, or by credit card / debit card at the library desk. Details of how to do this are on the payment slip which will be enclosed with the book parcel.