Postal loans and pricing 2021 rates

In the present circumstances, we would remind all Society members that the number of loans has been increased from four to five (ten for members of both Societies). We will be pleased to post books to members in London as well as the rest of the UK.

The costs of postage are passed to readers and our outward costs are notified on a slip enclosed with the parcel. As a rough guide, parcels are usually sent first class and up to one kilo the cost is currently £3.70. Between one and two kilos the cost is £5.50. Second class if requested - is £3.00 for up to 2 kilos.  Volumes slim enough to pass at the large letter rate are on average £2.10.  Heavy parcels up to 5 kilos can be sent 2nd class for £9.00 while the rate for first class is £15.85. Over 5 kilos we use 48 Hour Parcel Force and the amount depends on the weight.