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Paid work experience opportunity

Paid work experience opportunity in archaeological cataloguing and documentation with the Institute of Classical Studies

The Institute of Classical Studies is looking to offer one month (140 hours) of paid work experience working in the Combined Classics Library with the Ehrenberg Bequest, a collection of over 150 small antiquities.

The project will involve enriching and expanding an existing spreadsheet catalogue of the collection by taking detailed measurements, creating object descriptions (e.g. of form, fabric, decoration), photographing artefacts, and checking or creating cross-referenced labels for objects. Some research will be required, using the Library collection and online resources to ensure descriptions and typological definitions of objects are correct, or are added when non-existent. The project will also involve unpacking, sorting, repacking in new boxes and labelling the collection to improve conservation conditions and increase accessibility to the collection. There will be an opportunity to identify a shortlist of objects for a possible future temporary display. The placement will finish with the creation of an illustrated report and/or a blog post to be shared on the ICS and Library websites.

Training and supervision will be provided. The placement is suitable for an advanced undergraduate or postgraduate student, ideally with some experience with ancient Mediterranean material culture/objects or museology/curatorship programmes however this is not compulsory.

The placement will be for 20 days (140 hours)*, ideally taking place beginning early/mid-May 2024. The post will be Grade 2, paid at £14.32 per hour. The place of work will be the Combined Classics Library in Senate House. To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to by 14th April, using the subject line ‘Work experience application’ and your name. Please also contact Rosario Rovira Guardiola directly if you have any questions about the opportunity before applying. Applicants will need to have the legal right to work in the UK.

 *We are offering this either as a four-week placement of 20 days, or 140 hours worked flexibly over a period of up to three months, depending on the successful candidate’s preference and availability.