Library amnesty

The Hellenic and Roman Library and Institute of Classical Studies Library values its collections - therefore we are having a book amnesty throughout August, until we reopen after the Summer break on 2nd September 2019*. Many of our missing books are currently irreplaceable so it doesn’t matter if you’ve had them for months or even years.  All returns will be treated anonymously, whether in person or by post. 


Any books returned in this period will have any fines attached to them removed and no further action will be taken.  Books will have labels and library stamps inside for either the Institute of Classical Studies Library, the Joint Library of the Hellenic and Roman Societies or the Hellenic and Roman Library. Journal parts will be have a library stamp on the front cover. Very old items will be stamped Hellenic Library or Roman Library! 


Books (and journals) can be returned to our new book returns box outside the Library at any time that the Senate House building is open.   Many thanks and good hunting!


*Items posted during August will be included in the amnesty to enable any books overseas to be returned without penalty.