We currently have a free exhibition in the lobby of the 3rd floor outside the Library, on display until the end of the Autumn term. The exhibition has been put together in collaboration with Dr Jen Baird of Birkbeck and Senate House Library to highlight images and descriptions of Palmyra in our collection, complementing the triptych by Deanna Petherbridge, The Destruction of Palmyra, currently on display in the Archaeology reading room in the library.

There are four display cases, two containing items from the Wood Collection held by the library. They include Borra’s sketches of Palmyra and published plates based on those sketches, as well as extracts from Robert Wood’s diary, and copies of inscriptions made by Wood.

A third case includes books describing aspects of Palmyra, from both the Library’s collection and on loan from Senate House Library.

The fourth case contains modern craft items of mosaic and embroidery, made by refugee artisans from Palmyra. These were obtained from the Palmyrene Voices initiative, created to give a voice to the Palmyrene people and to support them. For more information on this initiative or to purchase works, visit: https://palmyrenevoices.org/.