#ICSMagic book list

After a very seasonal event on Ancient Magic organised by the ICS on the 31st October, we thought we might upload a list of the books we had on display during the event. These range from volumes on witches in Latin literature to Syrian magic in the fourth century CE, and much more. For ease of online browsing, each title links to the book's entry on the online library catalogue.

General volumes

Magic in the Roman world : pagans, Jews, and Christians

122K JAN

Daughters of Hecate : women and magic in the ancient world

122A STR

Greek and Roman Necromancy

122A Copy 1/2 OGD

Ancient Greek love magic

122C Copy 1/2 FAR

Night’s Black Agents

122A OGD

Naming the witch: magic, ideology, & stereotype in the ancient world

122A STR

Magic and magicians in the Greco-Roman world

122A DIC

Magic in the ancient world

122A Copy 1/2 GRA

Ancient magic and the supernatural in the modern visual and performing arts

153G.3 CAR

Greek magic : ancient, medieval and modern

122B PET

Magic, witchcraft, and ghosts in the Greek and Roman worlds : a sourcebook

122A Copy 1/2 OGD

Ancient Jewish magic : a history

120G BOH

Antike Zauberspruche

122A ÖNN

Beware the evil eye: vol 2 vol 3

122A ELL

Magic in the ancient Greek world

122C COL

Magic and paganism in early Christianity : the world of the Acts of the Apostles

97.61G KLA

Witchcraft and magic in Europe : ancient Greece and Rome

122A FLI

Magic, science, and philosophy

Magic and rationality in ancient Near Eastern and Graeco-Roman medicine

127D HOR

Magic, reason, and experience : studies in the origin and development of Greek science

127A LLO

Medicine, miracle, and magic in New Testament times

127D KEE

Divination and astrology

Ancient Astrology

127C BAR

Mantikê: studies in ancient divination

122A JOH

A brief history of ancient astrology

127C BEC

Magic in literature

Canidia, Rome's first witch 

89.1G PAU 

Studies in magic from Latin literature


Witches, Isis and narrative : approaches to magic in Apuleius' Metamorphoses

81.17 FRA

Rhetorical works / Apuleius; translated and annotated by Stephen Harrison, John Hilton, and Vincent Hunink.


Euripides’ Medea


Granddaughter of the Sun : a study of Euripides' Medea


Magical materials: amulets, papyri, curse tablets, etc.

Materia magica : the archaeology of magic in Roman Egypt, Cyprus, and Spain

122K WIL

Arcana mundi : magic and the occult in the Greek and Roman worlds : a collection of ancient texts

96.1 Copy 1/2 LUC

Studies in magical amulets, chiefly Graeco-Egyptian

122i BON

Preisendanz’s Papyri Graecae Magicae

X 100J Copy 2 GRAEC MAG  Vol.I

X 100J Copy 2 GRAEC MAG  Vol.II 

Betz’s The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation, 1st ed, 2nd ed

100J Copy 1/ X100J Copy 2

Supplementum Magicum (further papyri)


Greek magical amulets: the inscribed gold, silver, copper, and bronze 'lamellae'. Pt.1, Published texts of known provenance / Text and commentary by Roy Kotansky.

X 101E KOT

Curse tablets and binding spells from the ancient world / edited by John G. Gager

122A Copy 1/2 GAG

Corpus delle defixiones di Selinunte : edizione e commento

101G.10 SEL

The concepts of the divine in the Greek magical papyri

100H.2 PAC

In pursuit of invisibility : ritual texts from late Roman Egypt

100H.2 PHI

Vanishing acts on ancient Greek amulets: from oral performance to visual design

ST.6 Copy 1

XST.6 Copy 2  Vols. 115-116, 2012-13

101C Copy 3 FAR 

Individual tablets and papyri (editions)

P. Michigan XVI: a Greek love charm from Egypt (P. Mich. 757) / edition and commentary by David G. Martinez.


Priests, tongues, and rites : the London-Leiden magical manuscripts and translation in Egyptian ritual (100-300 CE)

100H.1 DIE

[Dionysophōntos gamoi] : marital life and magic in fourth century Pella

101G.3 VOU

Magical texts for a bilingual papyrus in the British Museum / edited with translations, commentary and facsimiles by H.I. Bell, A.D. Nock, Herbert Thompson


Two Greek magical papyri in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden: a photographic edition of J384 and J395 (=PGM XII and XIII) / edited by Robert W. Daniel.


Late antique magic

Byzantine magic

120E CON

Magic and the supernatural in fourth-century Syria

122i TRZ

City of demons: violence, ritual, and Christian power in late antiquity

120B KAL

The occult sciences in Byzantium

127C MAG

Essay collections

The world of ancient magic: papers from the first international Samson Eitrem seminar at the Norwegian Institute at Athens, 4-8 May 1997

122A CON

Officina magica : essays on the practice of magic in Antiquity

122A SHA

Material approaches to Roman magic : occult objects and supernatural substances

122K PAR

Between magic and religion: interdisciplinary studies in ancient Mediterranean religion and society / edited by Sulochana Asirvatham, Corinne Ondine Pache, and John Watrous

122A ASI


Magika hiera: ancient Greek magic and religion / edited by Christopher A. Faraone and Dirk Obbink

122C FAR

Magical practice in the Latin West : papers from the international conference held at the University of Zaragoza, 30 Sept.-1 Oct. 2005

122K CON

The metamorphosis of magic from late antiquity to the early modern period


Magica varia / William M. Brashear; with contributions by Adam Bülow-Jacobsen.

100J BRU