Other useful websites / databases

Database of information on amphoras from Bulletin Amphorologique, edited by the Revue des études grecques. It also includes references to studies dealing with amphoras and their stamps

Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama

Object-based database from the German Archaeological Institute in Cologne. Registration required.

Archaeological Data Service
Attic Gravestones of the late 5th and the 4th Century B.C. Free Access in the Library via the Dyabola website - see Bibliographic resources. German interface only

AWOL - The Ancient World Online

Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World is now available as an app (paid). [Print copy also at X22A TAL in the Library.]

Beazley Archive
Pottery database.

Search the British Museum's collection online

Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents

Classical Association (Please note that the Joint Association of Classical Teachers (JACT) merged with the Classical Association in 2015.)

Classics Confidential
Classics podcast. (Previously video interviews.)

Comfort Classics - Interviews with Classicists about the things that make them happy - monuments, musem objects, literature etc. This is part of a more general resource - Classical Studies Support - for distance learners in Classics.

Digital Classicist
Advanced digital methods applied to the study of the ancient world. Seminars are held at the ICS during the Summer term.

Digital Prosopography of the Roman Republic (DPRR)
Searchable database of people of the Roman Republic. Project based at King’s College London.

Institute of Classical Studies
Check here for London events, conferences, and seminars, inlcuding the Postgraduate work-in-progress seminar series.

A multilateral research project which aims to promote classical reception in Greece.

Lacus Curtius
Images of Roman sites, texts of a selection of Latin authors, Smith’s Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities, (1875) etc. Report on the unavailability of this site on 14.5.2021 - the site is down for unknown reasons beyond the control of the author (Bill Thayer) and unascertainable due to pandemic-restricted access to a Univeristy building. It is hoped it can be restored.

National Theatre
In response to the pandemic, The National Theatre have set up a streaming service - with a monthly or annual subscription. The current offering as of April 2021 includes Shakespeare's Julius Caesar perfomed at the Bridge Theatre and Antigone performed at the National Theatre, Southbank.

Our Mythical Childhood
This is a 5-year project funded by the European Research Council led by Prof. Katarzyna Marciniak (University of Warsaw) to survey the intersection of children's literature and classical antiquity.  There is an online survey of children's texts inspired by classical antiquity and references to several conferences, book and educational projects. 

Version 4.0 is freely available online. It covers the history, literature and culture of the Greco-Roman world. Perseus contains the full texts of Greek and Roman authors, as well as out-of-copyright English translations. It allows word searching in Greek, Latin, and English, and can be used for statistical information in relation to texts. Perseus also includes an Art and Archaeology Artifact Browser.

Society for Classical Studies (SCS) (Formerly the American Philological Association)

The Classics Library
News and resources for Classics teachers.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae

Vindolanda Tablets Online