Undertaking research: a guide to selected resources

See also a similar listing compiled by Andrew Stiles (Merton College, Oxford): Classics Resources.


Library Catalogues

Senate House Libraries Catalogue: Catalogue for Senate House Libraries.

Library Hub DiscoverThis catalogue contains information on the holdings of many research libraries in the UK including the British Library.

Union List of Serials: This is a combined catalogue of the titles of Journals or Newspapers held in the libraries of the University of London. Click in the Drop down box and select Union List of Serials instead of M25 Libraries.


Databases and Software

(CR = available to use in Computer Room only)

The Digital Classicist is a decentralised and international community of scholars and students interested in the application of innovative digital methods and technologies to research on the heritage of the ancient and historical worlds. The Digital Classicist is not funded or owned by any institution. The main purpose of this site is to offer a web-based hub for discussion, collaboration and communication by means of seminars, discussion lists, the Stoa Review and a digital wiki.

Greek and Roman literature: Perseus
Version 4.0 is freely available online. It covers the history, literature and culture of the Greco-Roman world. Perseus contains the full texts of Greek and Roman authors, as well as out-of-copyright English translations. It allows word searching in Greek, Latin, and English, and can be used for statistical information in relation to texts. Perseus also includes an Art and Archaeology Artifact Browser.

Greek literature:  (CR) Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)
Search in Greek. This database contains virtually all Greek texts surviving from the period between Homer (8 c. B.C.) and the fall of Byzantium in A.D. 1453
c. 91 million words.   Follow link for Institutional subscribers.

Latin Literature:  Packard Humanities Institute Classical Latin Texts  now freely available online.

Greek Papyri and Inscriptions: Papyrological Navigator.

Latin inscriptions:  German Universities Epigraphic project, which has a page of links to other databases.


Bibliographic Resources

Dictionary of bibliographic abbreviations found in the scholarship of classical studies and related disciples J.S.Wellington. At Library desk and at X140D (2003) Prev. ed. 1983. This book is good for deciphering abbreviations of journal titles. Another useful list can be found online here: http://classics.oxfordre.com/page/abbreviation-list/

L'Annee Philologique (CR). The year’s work in Classical Studies. Online and at X140D.

Dyabola (CR) for original version. Select option for Realkatalog. Includes subject tree of archaeological and historical headings with subdivisions, and keyword, author and title search. Please note: Password required. Please ask at the library desk. A free, adbridged version of this called Zenon Dai is also available.

TOCS-IN Table of Contents of interest to Classicists. Freely available online database based in Canada, compiled by librarians worldwide. View and search the contents pages of Classics, Near Eastern Studies, and Religion journals. Basic keyword and author search. Mainly 1992 onwards.

Gnomon A very large database, freely available online. Thesaurus based database, also keyword, author indexes.


For more resources, see also: Other useful websites, Bibliographic Databases, Text Searching Software