You are welcome to bring your own laptop to use in the library. If you do not have access to WiFi though eduroam, you can connect to the 'UoL Libraries network:

Network: UoL Libraries (space between words)
Username: your membership number (on your library card)
Password: your surname (all lower case letters)

There are also four library computers. Many of the digital resources are only available to use via these library computers. Please ask for assistance with any of these programs. Staff may be able to give guidance / advice from the Reception desk or arrange a short training session at a mutually convenient time. Please ask for Sue Willetts in the first instance.

Printing may be sent from the library computers to a printer at the Library desk (Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 1320n). The cost is 10p per page, in black and white. From the Print function, please ensure that you select the correct printer. Please contact the library desk if you need to print more than 20 pages.

A - Z of Digital Resources

A - Z listing of Digital Resources PDF 100.41 KB

The file above is an A - Z list of all of the digital and computing resources which are available on the library computers. These include databases, software, and digital media accompanying print publications. The resources are categorized by their format: PDFs, Picture, Video, Specialist or Audio. Each PC has a listing of all the resources. The numbers Dell 1, 2, 3, 4 indicate the library computer on which the resource can be accessed.

Please note that the above list excludes resources which are freely available to use online. Details of many such resources can be found on the other pages in this section of the website (see the top of this page).