Getting around

Upon entering the building, wheelchair users may use the non-automatic door to the right of the revolving doors, which operates with a push button. In the reception hall, there are two lifts which will take users up to the third floor. Please note that there is no audio announcement in the lift.

Senate House has limited parking spaces available for disabled users to book. Please contact the library for information on how to apply.

If you would like to bring an assistant when you visit the Library, we are happy to provide reference access for them. We are also happy to help fetch items.

There are toilets on the third floor, including an adapted toilet for those with disabilities.

Emergency procedures

The emergency alarm is a continuous ringing bell. There are no visual alarms in the Library. In the event of an evacuation, staff will walk around the Library to ask users to leave by the nearest fire exit. There are designated refuge points for those unable to leave the building by the stairs. The refuge points are located towards the middle of each floor, opposite the staircase. They are denoted by a green sign. The main refuge point is located near the lifts. 
If you are having difficulty reaching the refuge point, please alert a member of staff. If the alarm is a drill staff will inform you of this when they re-enter the building. In the event of a genuine fire alarm your presence will be reported to the fire brigade who will enter the building via the stairs to evacuate you.

Assistance equipment and technology

The library has an adjustable desk, a wooden book holder, coloured sheets to place over text. There are plans to re-install assistive software.  For more information on what is available, please speak with library staff.

Further information

Library staff are happy to help users with individual requirements. If you have further needs or require more information, please contact the library.